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About me


My name is Natalie. I live in Arizona, but I spent 30 years of my live in Germany. I do get confused by the question: “Where are you from – your accent doesn’t sound familiar?” Well, I do live in America, but I guess the question refers to my origin, so I answer: “I am originally from Germany”. And this is many, many times followed by : “Awesome, I am from Germany, too!” Well, fellow Germans, don’t get excited. This usually means that they have ancestors coming from Germany and mostly haven’t been to Europe.

But, I am getting distracted…
…this is my blog where I get to rant… don’t take me too seriously. Mostly I try to observe and see how different the world is, practice tolerance and see it from the humorous side. Once in a while I feel there is less of a gap between European and African culture than there is between European and American culture…

Sometimes I get political though: Guns are bullshit, and no, you don’t need them to protect your family!