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German TV Series

Nowadays, TV series capture the spirit of the times in our rapidly changing world. Some of them have stolen the hearts of millions of people and the German TV series is no exception. These TV series compose dramatic and comedic elements and bring the plot as close as possible to real life. The list consists of 7 German TV series, which exactly worth your time.

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German national TV channels

National TV channels are an important part of TV, either you are living in your home country or abroad. Such channels allow you to watch the freshest news, sports programs, and the most popular movies and TV shows. When you are living abroad, national TV channels is exactly what you need to keep in touch with your motherland.

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Top 10 Halloween movies

The spooky fall season is coming soon, so it’s the perfect time to take a popcorn, meet with friends and watch scary and breath-taking movies. Sometimes it’s hard to find the best Halloween movies from the huge variety, but we got you covered. We picked up movies for any kind of Halloween and horror lover. Moreover, they are classic, so you can watch them not only on Halloween.

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