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Americans are obsessed with drug screenings!

Before I came to America I never had to do a drug test. Of course I didn’t have to! Drug tests are for criminals, people who get caught for reckless driving or I don’t know what. But not for honest citizens. So I thought… Even when I lived in England, changed my career plans and started driving buses and trucks, nobody ever asked me to pee in a cup.

Commercial driver on fun adventures

This morning, I got THE LETTER again… “In compliance with Federal Drug & Alcohol random testing requirements, the above referenced individual has been randomly selected to conduct a urine drug test…”
No! Not again, I seriously have had at least 8 drug tests in the past three years. Every time I have this slight feeling I did something wrong. And the nurses in the lab don’t make me feel any better: “Once you start the procedure you will have to finish it.” “Are you sure you can fill the jar all the way until the mark?” “You have exactly 3 minutes to complete the drug test.” “If you fail, you have to come back tomorrow.” “Do not under any circumstances flush the toilet.” “You cannot take your jacket”… They shout (well maybe they don’t, but in my head they do) their instructions at me and stare at me like I did something wrong (well again, probably just in my German head).

Ok, I get it. I am driving commercial vehicles and I kind of understand (even reluctantly) you might want to check commercial drivers. But many employers here ask for drug testing for office jobs! What? Why? Some States here legalized recreational marijuana use, many allow the medical use of marijuana, but employers are still asking for pre-employment drug tests. Do they do alcohol breathalyzer tests in the morning, too? What is the point? As long as your employees perform well, why would you care what they do in their free time? I thought it is the land of freedom. Stop defending your freedom overseas and start in your country. Oh and please stop sending me those letters of random drug test selection. It really doesn’t help that it also says “this is in no way a reflection of your conduct on the job”. I hate peeing under pressure!