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Famous German actors

Germany is not a leading country in cinematography, but there are some German movies with perfect, talented actors, who will steal your heart. From cute to wild and crazy, these German actors take notice and impulse to follow their careers.

Til Schweiger

Actor, producer, writer, and director Til Schweiger is Germany’s best-known actor and also the country’s most successful director. One of the most famous Til’s roles is Hugo Stiglitz in the film Glamor Bastards (2009) by Quentin Tarantino.

Til Schweiger

Matthias Schweighöfer

It’s one of the most important German actors of our time. His first role in a feature film was Raus aus der Haut (1997), directed by Andreas Dresen. Later for the role of Ben in Soloalbum, Schweighöfer received the Golden Camera as best newcomers and readers of “Bunte” magazine voted him as the most popular young actor.

Florian David Fitz

Charming, smart, talented and successful – Florian David Fitz combines everything that makes women’s hearts beat faster. Initially, he moved from role to role until he received the 2007 Grimme Prize for the TV movie “My Crazy Turkish Wedding”. After he played a major role in the television series “Doctor’s Diary” and his biggest success so far: a separate feature film.

Götz George

As a “crime scene” commissioner “Schimanski” Götz George became a TV legend. Thanks to several successful roles in the movies of the Karl May series he received a good reputation as an actor of German post-war cinema.

Michael Fassbender

He has a fantastic Hollywood career, which he started from childhood. For the movie “Hunger” by Steve McQueen, the actor lost 20 kilos and weighed 58 kilos. Then he started his bright really started with the career, suddenly everyone wanted to make films with him.

As you can see many famous talented actors and other celebrities which have German roots. They impress with breath-taking and brilliant acting and catch the hearts.  It’s definitely worth your time to watch movies with these actors.