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Favorite New Year movies in German

Germany, as well as all other countries, has own traditional New Year movies. Whether you’re celebrating at home or resting up on New Year’s Day following all the festivities, these movies in German are saturated with celebratory scenes that will bring you in the spirit of the season.

The Dinner for One
Every New Year’s Eve, half of all Germans sit in front of their TV screens to watch a short British cabaret sketch “Dinner for One”.
An older Lady is having a birthday again and has invited four guests. The only problem is that they have passed away, and so the butler has to step in and help to drink all the alcohol served with the birthday dinner.

It’s a Wonderful Life
It’s one of the most popular Christmas movies in Germany, that tells the story of George Bailey, who is just fed up with life at Christmas. He lost a lot of money, but miracles happen to those who believe in them. And George received his Christmas gift, an angel Clarence, who helped him to find joy in life again.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
The comedy was released in 1989, but with its crazy humor, it still relevant for the modern generation. Clark Griswold and his wife Ellen just want to celebrate Christmas, but somehow everything is going wrong this year – from Christmas tree, that dug out from public garden to crazy squirrel in the house. Is there still a chance for a happy end? Find out for yourself!

A Christmas Carol
The bitter and cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge lives alone and withdrawn in his house. He hates people, is stingy and selfish. On Christmas Eve he gets a visit from the three spirits of the past, the present, and the future. They show him in their own way what a desolate life he leads.

Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella
It is hard to imagine Christmas without this movie and today it is one of the most popular fairy tale films. Cinderella doesn’t have it easy: since the death of her father, she suffers from her stepmother. One thing completely changes the life of the girl: three magical hazelnuts, which brought happiness to her life.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean
The movie is just as funny as when it was the first broadcast and has lost none of its topicality. When Mr. Bean celebrates Christmas, everything goes wrong that can only go wrong. He gets caught playing around with the Christmas crib. After he is stuck inside a turkey while cooking. So it is no wonder that the movie is still popular.

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