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German national TV channels

National TV channels are an important part of TV, either you are living in your home country or abroad. Such channels allow you to watch the freshest news, sports programs, and the most popular movies and TV shows. When you are living abroad, national TV channels is exactly what you need to keep in touch with your motherland.

Every country has its own set of television networks and Germany is not an exception. What are the best German TV channels? Take a look and choose for yourself.

1. ZDF

Germany’s national public television broadcaster. ZDF offers a broad range of programs with a mix of information, education, arts, entertainment, and sports. ZDF has a high proportion of social, political and economic news as well as cultural programs.

2. Dar Erste – the Programming of the ARD

Offering everything from informational news and culture, entertainment, soaps, crime stories, and TV shows. Dar Erste is the broadcaster operated by the National Radio and Television Network in Germany.

3. RTL

RTL channel allows to watch a huge diversity of programs with a mix of entertainment for the whole family, as well as high staging sports events, reliable line-up and originally produced content for a mass audience.

4. SAT.1

It’s is a German free-to-air television channel. Early programs included old classical movies, American hit series and entertainment TV shows (like Wheel of Fortune). Later, the station acquired a name for its original series and TV films.

5. VOX

It’s the second most popular channel of the leading German commercial broadcaster – RTL group. The channel provides mainly entertaining content – documentaries and US series and movies.

6. ProSieben

The channel produces some of its programming itself, it also airs many American imports. It’s one of the best channels, which offers entertainment content in Germany. So, if you want to watch something fun and relaxing, ProSieben is a good solution for you.

7. kabel eins

It’s a sister channel of ProSieben. The channel is a well-known as a broadcaster of classic American movies as well as TV series and documentaries. It also broadcasts various leisure TV-shows.

How to watch German TV channels abroad?

One of the best ways to access German TV channels abroad is online TV. You can use various services such as German TV Company, which allows you to watch favorite TV channels and programs in live and delayed streaming or in the video library. There are several subscription packages with different features, from which you can choose suitable for you. So, even living abroad you will not miss your favorite TV shows, movies or important news from homeland.