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German Traditions

The German mentality is associated with pragmatism, discipline, and pedantry. Like every nation, they have own traditions and customs.

Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a traditional Bavarian holiday, but its fame spread throughout the world, and millions of tourists come to Munich every year to immerse themselves in the festival atmosphere of this unforgettable holiday.

Crazy, fun winter carnival. On this day you can meet people in carnival costumes on the streets.

Carnival in the Catholic regions of Germany is especially fun and grandly celebrated. The carnivals in Munich and Cologne are world-famous.

Tanz in den Mai. The beginning of spring in Germany is considered not April, but May, since in April the weather is often cold and often snowfalls. It is not for nothing that the German proverb says “April April, der macht was er will”.

The tradition of opening the season to everything. Clubs and organizations especially honor the tradition of opening the season for absolutely any kind of activity. And this is no coincidence since this tradition involves the opening of the season in a large company.

Die Schultüte. It is a long-standing German tradition dating back more than two hundred years. On their first school day, children receive a cone-shaped bag from their parents filled with sweets, toys, and school supplies. Thus, these packages are a symbol of a new stage in life and, according to parents, help children to deal with the excitement.

Mulled wine (Glühwein). It is a special thing for German people. And although Germany’s Christmas markets are world-famous, not everyone knows about Germans’ love to mulled wine. Most Germans don’t go to Christmas markets to buy gifts or enjoy sweets. The biggest crowds occur precisely at mulled wine shops.

New Year Fireworks. Everyone launches fireworks for the New Year. Is true. However, unlike other nations, the Germans take this matter very seriously and responsibly. As officially selling pyrotechnics is prohibited in Germany and only three days before the New Year, shops are allowed to sell fireworks, everyone hurries to buy the best one. On December 31, everyone starts to launch fireworks, which continuously rattle for about an hour and the sky becomes bright and colorful.

Fairs and Markets. The Germans love fairs and markets. Each city has flea markets that can open once a week or once a month. Sometimes you can find real treasures on them for a ridiculous price.

Creative monuments. It is not only standard monuments and statues but also completely different colorful monuments in the most unexpected places.

So, there are a lot of various traditions and customs in Germany. They define national cohesion and mentality, as well as show all bright and interesting aspects of the German nation.