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German TV guide

German TV is saturated with various TV programs, movies, and TV-series. Below, there is a list of German TV channels with various types of TV-programs. No matter, if you prefer talk-shows, entertainment shows, movies or news, you will find everything watching these channels.

The channel broadcasts a wide range of content – from morning TV-shows and news to sports events and movies. Moreover, it’s the most trusted newscast in Germany.

It’s the most popular TV channel in Germany. ZDF mixes news and educational TV programs with entertainment, cultural and sports content, which is suited for all the family.
In addition, ZDF operates two digital channels:
– ZDF.neo broadcasts a large portion of drama and comedy TV series
– is mainly focused on documentaries

The content of the TV-channel is intended for children and teenagers. Mainly KiKa produces cartoons such as classic interpretations of children’s books as well as original cartoons. Also, a TV-channel provides a lot of entertainment shows and TV-series.

It’s the well-known broadcaster of special events programs and talk-shows, with a strong concentration on informational content. Except for this, TV-channel provides the audience with news and documentaries.

Various cultural programs are widely broadcasted on the TV-channel. It includes content about different spheres of culture – art, heritage exploration, dance TV-shows, educational programs, and documentaries, which covers a broad range of topics.

The TV-channel is strongly focusing on sports content. Football, basketball, athletics, tennis, and much more other sports events are broadcasted by Eurosport1.

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The German TV channel is airing German as well as American classic movies and TV-series. It allows watching a full range of entertainment content – from the most popular, well-known movies to original TV-series.

How to watch German TV abroad?

It’s a question that many people are interested in and the answer is very easy. One of the most convenient ways to access German TV channels abroad is online TV. You can use various services such as German TV Company, which allows you to watch German TV channels and programs in live and delayed streaming or in the video library which is  regularly updated with novelties, popular, high rating films and series.

The service allows choosing a subscription package suitable for you. So, even living far from your homeland you will not miss important news, favorite movies, and TV-shows.