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German TV Series

Nowadays, TV series capture the spirit of the times in our rapidly changing world. Some of them have stolen the hearts of millions of people and the German TV series is no exception. These TV series compose dramatic and comedic elements and bring the plot as close as possible to real life. The list consists of 7 German TV series, which exactly worth your time.


The German TV series “Dark” is a good alternative for “Stranger Things” fans! In a fictional town of Vinden, two children disappear – without the intervention of the supernatural, they could not do here.


The action of this dramatic television series takes place during the Weimar Republic. The main character, morphine-dependent police inspector Gereon Rat, who was transferred from Cologne to Berlin, is investigating amid political, economic turmoil and a jazz soundtrack.

“You are wanted”

This is the first German series produced by Amazon. The director, Matthias Schweighofer, he also played the main role, playing Lucas Franke, who becomes a victim of computer hackers and loses control over his life.

“Deutschland 83”

The spy thriller about a soldier from the German Democratic Republic, which penetrates the West, was so popular among the foreign audience. The series received international recognition for its honest and nostalgic interpretation of Germany during the Cold War.

“Bad Banks”

The action takes place in the banking capital of Germany, Frankfurt. The German-Luxembourg TV series talks about the fate of an investment banker who faces the dark side of banking.

“4 Blocks”

Weapons, drugs, and hip-hop – all this is in the new series on the German-Arab drug cartel in the Neukeln district of Berlin. “4 Blocks” offers an authentic view on modern Berlin, differentiating from what German television shows today.


A series about the life of doctors and nurses in the Charite hospital in Berlin in 1888. Romance and forbidden love amid – everything is in this historical multi-part drama.