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German TV

TV watching is not only good entertainment but also a way to get to know news, follow sport events and even study. Especially, when you are abroad it can be challenging to find a good service to watch your national TV.

You can find a few ways to watch German TV abroad, such as cable TV or Internet TV. 

Cable TV is the most traditional way, but not the most convenient, as you need a lot of wires to connect to the network, which takes your time, money and space.

Internet TV is quite a more convenient and modern way to watch a favorite TV and have a bunch of benefits. You needn’t deal with any wires and difficult manuals, all you need is a good Internet connection and media player or a specific app. You can choose between German paid TV and free German TV services.

Nowadays, on the Internet, there is a wide range of services to watch German TV abroad. German TV companies are differentiated by the price, a number of channels, the presence of additional features, video-library, etc. It’s not easy to choose from such a variety of services, but actually only a few of them provide really high-quality TV with an advanced set of features.

One of the most popular and advanced Internet TV services is German TV Company, which provides high-quality TV services all over the world. The company has several subscription plans with different prices and sets of available features.

All you need to watch German Online TV is to register on the German TV Company website, choose one of the subscription plans and subscribe. There are no obligations and contracts. Registering on the web-site you can take a 7-day free trial to try the service and choose a suitable package for you.

Moreover, the company offers a free TV package with 3 free channels for 90 days, which you can renew again and again or transfer to an advanced subscription plan at any time.

German TV Company offers subscription plans which include the following features, which may vary depending on the chosen package:

  • 100+ TV channels which include news, movies and GermanTV-shows, kids entertainment and sport programs
  • Opportunity to watch a German in live or delayed streaming.
  • 2-weeks archive to watch and re-watch TV-programs at any time 
  • Video library with 1000+ German and foreign movies and TV series, from the classic ones to the newest premieres.
  • Opportunity to watch TV on 3 devices simultaneously (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Referral Program, which rewards for inviting friends to use the service.
  • Customer Support 24/7

Also, you can set up “Auto-payment” option. This allows you to forget about the payment and watch TV without distraction.

As you see modern technologies offer a lot of solutions to watch TV abroad and you have a lot of options to choose from. German TV Company offers an ideally composed set of features, which allow you to keep in touch with your motherland and stay entertained wherever you are.