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How and where can I watch German TV?

If you have ever searched how to watch German TV abroad, definitely you have read a lot of confusing information. Actually, there are a few common ways to watch German TV abroad. Let’s have a look at them and define the best.

The most traditional way is cable TV, which is convenient when you need to bind together several TVs in the same house.

At the same time there are huge disadvantages of such a method. To set up cable TV you have to deal with meters of cables, when Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, online TV and other technologies can transmit any information without any wires. In addition, wires take not only your time, but your money and some space.

More convenient and advanced way to watch TV is online TV, which allows you to watch TV wherever you are. You can watch TV via your smartphone in your office or surely on your TV during breakfast. You can also use your tablet or laptop to watch any channels and programs. In addition, online TV does not require any cables  – all you need to have is a small box that would provide access to many channels.

In addition,online TV technology will not ruin your budget. You do not need any cables or special technical devices (just one box) to start enjoying your favorite TV shows. Moreover, online TV is very easy to set up – even a child can do it.

Which service use to watch German TV in USA?

One of the best and most reliable services for watching German TV abroad is German TV Company. The service provides you with high quality TV and other convenient features. 

To watch free German online TV you just need to register on the website, choose the advanced paid or free package and subscribe. From now, everything is ready for watching. There is no obligations and contracts. 

Also, registering on the website you have an opportunity to take a 7-day free trial period of Premium package with no obligations and try all the benefits of the service.

There are few packages on paid or free basis with different sets of channels and characteristics. German TV subscription plans include following features, which may vary depending on the package:

  1. Opportunity to watch a German news, TV shows, movies, sports programs alive or delayed streaming.
  2. Opportunity to watch and re-watch TV programs in 2-weeks archive.
  3. Access to video library with more than 1000 German and foreign movies and TV series
  4. Opportunity to watch TV on 3 devices simultaneously (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone)
  5. Generous Loyalty Program, which rewards you for TV subscription and equipment

To make TV watching even easier you can use “Auto-payment” option. Once you set up the option, you don’t need to remember about the payments anymore and enjoy TV without interruption.

All these features is perfectly composed in one service and allow you to have a great leisure with favorite TV.

So, with modern technologies, it’s easy to watch qualitative German TV online in USA.

And services, like German TV Company, make possible to watch favorite channels or movies, news from the motherland, funny TV shows at any corner of the world and always stay entertained.