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The difference between a German and an American bathroom

You thought this is something not worth mentioning? Well, when it comes down to your personal hygiene and things are not exactly the way you like it!

Is this shower too small?

My husband thinks German showers are the smallest in the world. According to his stories, he apparently smacks his elbows and shoulders at least a few times into the wall and the shower door every time. What Germans think is modern and elegant (having a nice glass/plastic door instead of curtains that stain) he thinks of an invasion of his space. And there is an other downfall to this plastic wall – as up-tight Germans, we dislike water stains and scales on it. So many German families provide an extra towel or a squeegee to get rid of water stains after every shower. You might as well have to shower again after sweating over cleaning them off!

What Americans think about German bathrooms

In most bigger German apartments or houses, bathrooms have windows. So no need for a fan as Germans love to open windows anyways. We even have a special word for it, as we also think it is absolutely necessary for preventing mold in the house. So “l├╝ften” (opening windows even if it is freezing cold out) is a part of our daily routine anyways.

After every shower or a longer appointment with the toilet, we open the window (windows are even able to open in several different angles and usually we open the window only on the top, which is called “kippen”). My husband thinks that is all completely nuts and backwards, having to freeze his butt off while he goes to the toilet as somebody was in there right before him and opened the window…