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Top 10 German TV Shows

There are a huge variety of German TV shows available to watch, it can be hard to not miss the best ones. Friendship, love, traveling and motivation are the most popular topics they are related to.

The article is devoted to Top-10 German TV Shows – spectacular, interesting and funny. Take a look to find out something suitable for you and enjoy watching!

1. Tatort
A long-running German cop show where detectives work to solve a crime. It changes its location to different German cities and covers realistic cases. Moreover, it feels more real than many other crime shows.

2. Dark
A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town. Story of the disappearance of two young children which completely changes the relationships among four families.

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3. Der Pass
TV show enlights the story of cruel murder exactly on the German-Austrian border. The two countries send two investigators to clarify the case. For both cops is the greatest challenge in their life. They will deeper fill into the dark valleys and archaic customs of the region and the chaotic world of the murderer.

4. GZSZ – Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (GTBT – Good Times Bad Times)
This soap opera shows the lives of different ordinary people and deals with subjects such as the highs and lows in the process of becoming an adult, personality changes, how to deal with love in your life, and also political subjects.

5. Stromberg
The comedy about the incompetent boss of a German insurance office. Like in the British original, the characters are very aware of the cameras being on them, all the time, but it doesn’t stop Stromberg, who can often be seen cracking jokes and showing off for the camera.

6. Pastewka
It’s probably the most humorous German TV show that was born in the middle of the 2000s. This TV show narrates about Bastian Pastewka who is famous as a German comedian. Fiction and humor, relationships and fun every day – if it feels like your lifestyle or you want to touch it.

7. Unter Uns
The next soap opera we are going to present is Unter Uns. These TV series show the life of simple people who live in a residential house. Unter Uns boasts of having more than 6000 episodes. You definitely should take a look at one of the most long-running soap operas on German TV.

8. Mord mit Aussicht or Murder with a View
It’s another masterpiece from German TV. These satirical crime series are one of the most popular crime comedies in Germany. This is a story about the adventures of Sophie, “a typical woman,” her professional path to be a detective and about the challenges which never leave her.

9.Doom Patrol
A superhero show, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The series follows five rag-tag super-powered humans who are down on their luck but are forced to work together when the world is threatened.

10. Schitt’s Creek
The show is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. The premise begins with an entitled socialite family finding themselves out of sorts and trapped in a small town, but blooms into truly heartwarming storylines about people finding meaning and love in their lives.

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