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Watch TV in German

Moving abroad, one of the first things, which is interesting for an every expat is how and where to watch TV in the native language.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to watch TV in German living abroad. Modern streaming services offer a wide range of packages with various features, which grant access to your favorite TV programs all around the world.

When you live in another country, watching TV from home can be one of the things, which helps you to keep in touch with your motherland. But no matter if you’re looking for German TV programs and movies or any foreign movie, now you can now bring your favorite television from home along with you. Thanks to Internet TV services you can watch German news, movies, TV-shows and much more wherever you are.

One of the important things that you can subscribe to the service from German TV Company with no contracts and obligations. So, you don’t take any risks.

One of such services which offers a wide range of subscription plan for any taste is German TV Company. It’s a provider of high-quality Internet TV all over the world. Different subscription plans consist of an advanced set of following features:

1. More than 100 German and foreign TV-channels including news, sports channels, channels for kids, movie channels and others.

2. 2-week archive, which allows you to rewatch any TV-program at a comfortable time for you.

3. Vast video library with more than 1000 movies from the newest premieres to classic ones.

4. Opportunity to watch TV from 3 devices simultaneously, so every member of your family will be satisfied.

5. Free App for Android allows you to watch TV even on the road.

For convenience, it is possible to set up “Auto payment” and forget about boring payments watching TV without interruption. Furthermore, German TV Company has general Loyalty Program, using which you can get bonuses inviting friends. 

There are few subscription plans, with different sets of features and consequently prices. You can choose any comfortable for. If you got any questions Customer Support works 24/7 and managers will help you and provide with necessary information.

If you don’t need a lot of TV-channels, you can watch free German TV online trying “Free TV” package, which provides you with 3 the most popular German TV channels absolutely for free. Subscribing to the subscription plan you will receive 90 days of free German TV, which you can renew again and again or transfer to the advanced package at any moment and enjoy the full set of benefits from German TV Company.

Obviously, nowadays using services like German TV Company you can watch TV in German from any corner of the world. It provides you with favorite movies and TV-shows, fresh news and TV-programs from home and really makes your life abroad happier.